3 Ways We Make Starting A Child Care Franchise Easier For You

3 Ways We Make Starting A Child Care Franchise Easier For You

If you’re thinking of starting a child care business, you already know there’s a lot to consider: Where should you open your location? How many children are needed to reach break even? What are your unique points of differentiation that will compel families to choose your business over all of the competition in your area? For independent operators, these fundamental questions can be difficult to answer. However, starting a child care franchise with Lightbridge Academy is a great way to start your new business because we’ve established a proven model addressing all of these questions, and we’ve designed it, as such, to put you on a path to success. Learn about a few of the ways we’ve worked to make starting a child care franchise as simple as possible.

#1. Real Estate Selection And Buildout

Finding the right location is a crucial step in starting any child care business. It needs to be in an area that’s convenient and easily accessible for your families, but also needs to be affordable so that a lease or purchase will still leave you room to make a profit. We have 25 years of experience opening centers, so we know just what to look for in a prime child care location. Our team is well-prepared to help you either buy or lease your site and can guide you throughout the buildout process to ensure that it will perfectly meet your needs and the needs of your prospective families.

All of this support and guidance takes the guesswork out of a process that independent owners need to navigate by themselves.

#2. 170+ Hours Of Training

Starting a child care business can be complex enough, even if you have prior industry experience. However, launching a business to success is not a skill set that many owners possess. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive training program designed to get you up-to-speed on what you’ll need to know to not only launch your Lightbridge Academy franchise but also operate it at a high level of quality, safety, and security.

We use an integrated approach combining online, hands-on and in-person training, you’ll learn things like:

  • Targeting new families and driving enrollment
  • Creating a culture of care and ensuring safety and security
  • Delivering our proprietary Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum
  • Utilizing classroom and child care center management technology
  • Creating a long-term and loyal relationships with staff and enrolled families

#3. Expert Marketing Support

Marketing your business not only helps you to find new families, but also helps to build the positive reputation needed to build trust within your local community. Having stated that, there are endless variables when it comes to creating an effective advertising and marketing campaign. What channels will be most effective to reach your target audience? How do you create an effective digital marketing campaign? What messaging will most effectively convey your message? How much should you expect to spend in order to see the strongest results? Which ads perform the best to attract children of different ages?

That’s where our expert marketing team comes in. Along with our dedicated agencies, we work with each of our franchisees on an individual basis to create and implement marketing campaigns utilizing analytics based on the data from the most successful centers. They are designed to yield the highest performance, again, partnering with you to take the guesswork out of the process.

These are just three of the many ways that Lightbridge Academy works to support our franchisees as they start a child care franchise. Contact us today to learn more about the resources we provide!