Multi-Unit Franchising In Early Childhood Education: How To Develop A Holistic Business Perspective

Multi-Unit Franchising in Early Childhood Education: How to Develop a Holistic Business Perspective

Franchising multiple units of an early childhood education and care center can be a lucrative business option for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to own a business without starting from scratch. However, running a childcare center can be intimidating for some. Raj and Veenu Parkash, 15-year multi-unit franchisees of Lightbridge Academy, share their experience of developing a holistic view of the business to inspire prospective franchisees.

Raj and Veenu underscore the importance of investing time in learning and understanding the different aspects of managing a franchise. 

“You cannot just say that you are going to hire people and let them run the business,” Raj said.

Operations, finance, human resources, strategy, and marketing all require attention. A solid understanding of each department’s functions allows you, as a franchisee, to make informed decisions about your business. Veenu’s dedication to spending a year and a half in Lightbridge Academy centers to gain a firm grasp of how the business works proved invaluable when she and Raj started their first center.

For a franchise like Lightbridge Academy, which provides early education and care for children aged six weeks through kindergarten, understanding the education and curriculum offered enables franchisees to uphold our Circle of Care philosophy, which centers on the child’s needs. This fosters children’s growth and development and gives parents and caregivers confidence in the center.

If you’re considering multi-unit franchising, remember that with commitment and the right support, you too can develop a holistic business perspective and run a successful franchise like Raj and Veenu. At Lightbridge Academy, we do just that. Learn more about why entrepreneurs continue to choose our brand. Contact us today.