Reasons To Invest In The Child Care Industry

Reasons To Invest In The Child Care Industry

It’s a great time to invest in a child care franchise. The demand for quality care, along with early childhood education, is soaring. Dual income working parents need high quality educational child care: and Lightbridge Academy has been there to fill that need since 1997. Learn more about some of the industry trends that have led Lightbridge franchisees to experience steady growth.

#1. Growing Demand In The Child Care Industry

The $339 billion child care industry has been growing for years: and is expected to grow by a CAGR of 11.3% per year through 2023, when its predicted worth will be over $520 billion. One key driver of this growing demand is an increase in the number of families where both parents work – up from 46% in 2015 to 61.9% in 2017. As two-parent households increasingly need both parents to work, quality child care is a necessity.

#2. Parents Value Extra Services

It’s well-established that parents are willing to make a serious investment in quality child care. Furthermore, research shows that parents are willing to pay more for child care services that include a more secure facility design and enhanced services such as air purification and filtration systems, parent internet monitoring, and extracurricular activities. Lightbridge Academy offers these systemwide – ask us about our ParentView® internet monitoring system! If you’re thinking of investing in the child care industry, value-added services and superior facility design can give you the competitive edge to help you stand out from your competition while helping you achieve a solid return on your investment.

#3. The Importance Of Strong Early Childhood Education

While the child care industry is growing, the children’s services sector and early childhood education is growing right alongside it. Worth approximately $245 billion in 2019, it’s expected the global early childhood education industry will reach $480 billion by 2026. Parents understand that a solid educational foundation early in life can help children perform better academically and developmentally which is necessary to succeed in elementary school and beyond. Studies show children perform better not only with their cognitive abilities, but also with critical behavioral traits like sociability, motivation, and self-esteem all of which are key predictors of future success.

Lightbridge Academy’s proprietary Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum is informed by the research of the greatest minds in the field, such as Fredrich Fröbel, Howard Gardner, Loris Malaguzzi, Maria Montessori, and Jean Piaget. These key learnings have been brought together in our curriculum to impact the “whole” child in a multitude of ways. By embracing every moment as another opportunity to learn, all developmental areas are met, unlocking every child’s potential. Parents love that they can trust Lightbridge Academy to keep their kids safe and nurtured while also providing the building blocks for a lifelong love of learning.

These are just a few of the reasons that now is a great time to enter the child care industry. By investing in a child care franchise with Lightbridge Academy, you will be provided the opportunity to work with industry leaders who are experienced launching child care businesses to success. Make a difference in the lives of countless families and add value to your local communities with an educational child care business.

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