Support From Dedicated Business Coach

Gigi Schweikert: [00:00] We have business coaches that support every franchisee. How do you feel about your business coach? Do you have a personal relationship with that person? Do you meet on a regular basis? How is that person helpful to you?

Veenu Prakash: [00:14] We’re very lucky. We have a wonderful business coach, KJ. She’s amazing. The business coaches—I think all of them—I’ve worked with three of them over a period of 18 years. They’re all so amazing. They literally teach you how to walk. They will tell you from A to Z when they step into the building, what you should do, what you should have, all the way till the end. They’re always there.

Veenu Prakash: [00:48] We have audits two to three times a year. They just come in. They work with you. They guide you every step of the way. Where are you missing? Where do you need improvement? Everything is laid out for you. Again, we have to do the work. If you’re signing up for a new franchise, if you’re nervous about doing it, there’s no reason to be nervous because, again, it’s handed to you. Everything is done to you.

Veenu Prakash: [01:14] So many things change over a period of time. The corporate office does the legwork for you. They look into all those changes. They bring it to you. I think the relation we have with corporate is they hear you. They definitely respect your opinion. It’s not like a one-way thing that, “This is what you do.” [inaudible] It’s a partnership. We’re very happy about it.