The Winning Strategy: Growing Your Franchise By Investing In Your People

The Winning Strategy: Growing Your Franchise by Investing in Your People

In the thriving early childhood education and care industry, franchise owners seek the winning formula for success. Veteran multi-unit franchisees Raj and Veenu Parkash, of Lightbridge Academy, reveal the secret to their achievements: growing their franchise by nurturing their people. Discover how investing in employee growth not only drives business expansion but also fosters higher engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability for your franchise.

Treating Employees Like Family

The Parkash attribute the success of their four centers to the loyalty and dedication of their employees, some of whom have been with them for over 15 years. By creating a familial atmosphere and providing necessary support, franchise owners can develop a strong and committed team.

Fostering Employee Growth

Investing in employee growth through training, coaching, and professional development opportunities boosts motivation and productivity. Moreover, it cultivates a robust talent pool across all levels of the business, enabling the team to take on greater responsibilities and drive overall franchise growth.

Valuing Employees Leads To Higher Engagement And Retention

Demonstrating appreciation and value for employees leads to higher levels of engagement and retention. Happy and committed employees translate to satisfied customers, enhancing the overall reputation and profitability of the franchise.

Lightbridge Academy’s Circle Of Care Philosophy

At Lightbridge Academy, the Circle of Care philosophy prioritizes the needs of all stakeholders, including employees. By partnering with Lightbridge Academy, franchisees can benefit from this people-centric approach and the proven business model for franchise success.


In the competitive early childhood education industry, investing in employee growth sets the winning strategy for franchise success. Follow the example of Raj and Veenu Parkash, veteran multi-unit franchisees of Lightbridge Academy, and foster your employees’ growth alongside your business expansion. By nurturing your people, you boost motivation, productivity, and customer satisfaction, ultimately driving higher profitability for your franchise. Partner with Lightbridge Academy to benefit from their Circle of Care philosophy and a proven business model that prioritizes the success of both your franchise and your people. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.