Reflections of a Multi-Unit Lightbridge Academy Franchise Owner

Reflections of a Multi-Unit Lightbridge Academy Franchise Owner

Raj and Veenu Parkash, owners of four Lightbridge Academy centers in New Jersey, share their 18-year journey with the early education and child care franchise. Their connection began when they enrolled their daughter, Sanya, in the early 2000s. The brand’s caring and family-oriented approach impressed them, leading to their first investment in 2004, followed by additional centers in 2012, 2019, and a recent acquisition in South Brunswick, New Jersey.

Coming from the garment and fashion industry, the Parkashs’ transition to child care was influenced by their personal experience as parents and the brand’s Circle of Care philosophy. They emphasize hard work, dedication, and trust as the pillars of their success. Raj notes the joy of seeing children grow and even return as summer camp counselors.

The couple credits their success to the strong customer experience they deliver, their deep roots in the community, and the unwavering support from Lightbridge Academy’s corporate team. They highlight the brand’s assistance in areas like real estate, marketing, training, and continuous learning. Their focus on cultivating a positive culture and prioritizing customer service has been pivotal in their growth.

Their daughter, Sanya, once a student at Lightbridge Academy, now serves as the director of their Edison, New Jersey center and was recognized as Director of the Year at the brand’s 2022 Owners’ Conference. The Parkash’s are excited about the future, with plans to continue expanding their family-owned legacy with Lightbridge Academy.

Gigi Schweikert, CEO of Lightbridge Franchise Company, praises the Parkashs’ for embodying the brand’s core values and their continued investment in the franchise model.

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